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Tech English


All English courses will complete a unit in Technical Communications during the second semester of English.  The unit consists of reading and writing professional documents such as: resume, cover letter, instructional infographics, as well as other business related documents.  As part of this unit, students will participate in a mock interview and listen to various speakers concerning career paths, the work environment, internships and networking.  Senior presentation preparation and oral communication will also be stressed during second semester.   A strong emphasis will be placed on incorporating current technical courses into English if possible.


Applied English 12


This course is designed to help students develop practical reading, writing, and speaking skills.   The writing program focuses on real life writing skills and is comprised of a series of essays and business reports.   Students will build vocabulary and critical thinking skills as they read a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts.  Prerequisites: permission of current English teacher.


English Credit Recapture


This class is a supported learning environment in which students who have not been successful in a prior English class will complete standard based assignments to receive an English credit and grade up to a 78.


English Lab


This class is for students who are currently struggling in English to receive assistance completing, organizing or studying for current course load.


Non-Fiction Senior English


This course focuses on developing reading, writing, presenting and research skills through reading non-fiction texts and writing a series of expository essays in addition to the college application essay. (NCAA approved course)


Survey in Literature 12


In this survey course students will read literature from various authors and focus on various themes presented in literature in order to improve their reading, writing, presenting and research skills.  While the writing program emphasizes the expository essay, the narrative essay will be reviewed for the purpose of the college admission essay.  (NCAA approved course)

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