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Advanced Communications


The Advanced Communications and Multimedia program began in the fall of 1999. It is designed to prepare students for a deeper understanding of media and popular culture. Moreover, students are expected to apply theoretical knowledge via applied learning. Students complete projects individually and as members of various functional teams, in both studio and off-site location environments.  Brainstorming, conflict resolution, time management, and post-project debriefing skills will be included along with the appropriate technical training. Many former students have wound up going to colleges such as Emerson, Academy of Art University, New York Film Academy, Syracuse, New England School of Communications, University of Southern Maine, UMaine Orono, University of California Santa Cruz, and Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, Art Institutes of Boston.

Advanced Communications I

Learning objectives include an introduction to and understanding of the development and decline of various forms of mass media.  In addition, students examine the relationship between media and society.  We will examine public opinion through the study of news, reporting, advertising, marketing, and entertainment through the review of newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and finally cinema. Many of the projects include public service announcements, commercials, short movies, and weekly clips published for Youtube.

Advanced Communications II

The second year is based on the creation and production of a short film.The students will be responsible for conception, treatment, screenplay, production, post production and presentation of a 10 minute short film. Moreover, they disseminate the materials via Youtube and film festivals. At the end of the year we have an annual showing at the local movie theater. 

Advanced Communications Advisory Board members:


Chuck Green, Perpetual Motion Pictures, Diane Andronica Media Tech at Harvard University, Check Rosina, Freelance Audio Engineer, Brian Galford, Ben Pender-Cudlip, freelance filmmaker, Robert Beinhocker, Maud Dillingham,  Editor Frontline WGBH Boston.

Instructor: Rob Benica

Phone: (207) 743-7756 ext. 5215
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