Automotive Technology

The Automotive Technology Program will prepare the student for entry level employment in the automotive field, as well as provide a sound foundation for technical college education. The course emphasizes "Live Work" as its educational foundation, complimented by related classroom instruction and demonstration.

The curriculum is based on ASE and NATEF standards.  The program will prepare students in the "why" as well as the "how," and will instill a positive work attitude necessary for success in today's job market.  A student will attend class for three periods a day every other day and earn three credits per year.

Automotive Technology I

The program concentrates on the "mechanical" phase of the course, covering shop orientation, safety, steering, suspension, two and four wheel alignment, and conventional and anti-lock brake systems.  All instruction and materials are derived from ASE, NATEF, state and industry standards.

Automotive Technology II

Automotive Technology I is a prerequisite for AT II.  Learning is centered around the more technical units, including basic electricity, tune-up, fuel systems, emission control systems, computer controls, drivability diagnosis and repair, and trouble-shooting techniques.  AT II students will participate in the SKILLS USA competition.  Students will also receive basic education in welding, fabrication, and machining in a variety of projects.  

Automotive Technology III

This program is designed for students that have successfully completed Automotive Technology I & II with a grade average of at least 90 for both years. Students will enter this program with a plan to enter the automotive trade during school hours through the Cooperative Education program or take a leadership role aiding in the instruction of the Automotive Technology II students. Students may also participate in the Ford/AAA and SkillsUSA competitions.


Automotive Drivetrains

This class focuses on the engine, transmissions, and axle operation and parts identification. The class will learn theory of operation and the components it takes for them to work.  Also included is a vehicle rebuild to high performance standards.

Articulation Agreement

The Oxford Hills Technical School has articulated many programs with post-secondary education.  Students may obtain college credit for the learning opportunities offered through their technical programs.  As a part of this agreement, students have to be enrolled for a semester and prove they have met the requirements of the agreement.  The Automotive Technology Program has an articulation agreement with Central Maine Community College in the following areas:

AUT 100 General Shop Safety      1 credit

Dual Enrollment CMCC

Students enrolled in the Automotive Technology program will receive college credits from CMCC in the following areas upon successful completion of AT II:

AUT 110 Brakes                                 2 credits
AUT 120 Steering and Suspension    2 credits
AUT 150 Electrical/Electronics           3 credits
AUT 170 Engine Performance           3 credits

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