Diversified Occupations


The Diversified Occupations program is designed for students who have IEP/Special Needs who will benefit from hands on learning.  This program will prepare students with a wide range of abilities and talents for entry-level work in the community.


Additionally, many students are prepared to enter other programs at Oxford Hills Technical School.  Emphasis is placed on mastering specific skills necessary for success in either of these options.


Students rotate among three segments of the program, woodworking shop (carpentry skills), greenhouse (horticultural skills) and snack bar (food preparation, service and sales skills).  Before a student is placed in the program, he/she will have completed the proper referrals and if appropriate IEP Mtg/case conference and parent/guardian encouraged to visit/tour program in order to determine the student's interest and appropriateness of the educational placement.


Diversified Occupations Life Skills and Career Explorations

One period classes


The Diversified Occupations program provides students with various learning opportunities such as pre-technical experiences and a project-oriented experiential program.  These opportunities offer students an understanding of job preparation skills and workplace ethics.  On site job skills are provided through the Acorn Café, a wood shop, bicycle repair, our greenhouse, and auto detailing.


Diversified Occupations I and II

Two period classes


During the second and subsequent years of the program, more emphasis is placed on the project-oriented portion of the program.  Students develop more job-specific skills which will prepare them for employment.  Students continue to work in the Acorn Café, a wood shop, bicycle repair, our greenhouse, and auto detailing.

When appropriate, students are placed within the community at a job site. This gives the students the opportunity to apply their work skills in a real-life job setting.  In the assessment process students discover their strengths and weaknesses to determine the transition goals for each one's Individual Learning Plan.

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Diversified Occupations


Diversified Occupation Advisory Board members:


Cathy Jordan, Vocational Rehabilitation,Doug Rines, Buckfield High School Case Manager, Jeannette Vanidestine-Lake Region Vocational Center, Kevin Warren, Vocational Rehabilitation,  Frank Stoutamyer, Frank Maccarrone, Norma Smith, Brian Bean, Fred Steeves, Stephanie Grover, Cortney Sirois, Chery Lord, Denice LeBlanc, Lori Winslow, Nate Danforth, Cara Maloney, Bill Berger, Melinda Thompson, and Brandy Seames.

Instructor: David Knightly

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Instructional Asst: Lori Winslow

Phone: (207) 743-7756 ext. 2109
Fax: (207) 743-0667
Email: l.winslow@msad17.org

Instructional Asst: Nate Danforth

Phone: (207) 743-7756 ext. 2109
Fax: (207) 743-0667
Email: n.danforth@msad17.org

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