Forestry/Wood Harvesting


Careers in the forest products industry have become more and more matter what type of work you choose.


Harvesting forest products is no longer a matter of just "cutting wood."  Safety, environmental issues, skilled labor shortages, and rising costs have changed this traditional Maine occupation.  Foresters and loggers today have to deal with these factors and more, using modern and more advanced skills to succeed.


The goal of the forestry program is to train individuals interested in forest resource related careers and basic wood harvesting skills in this demanding and rapidly changing field.  The forest products harvesting industry is facing a major skilled labor shortage in the very near future.  Young people who are trained and efficient in Certified Logging Professional andGame of Logging skills, both industry standards used in the forestry program, are going to be in much demand by the forestry and logging industry.


Forestry/Wood Harvesting I


The first year of this program covers the basics of forestry and wood harvesting to act as either an introductory experience or to form a foundation for the second year.  The class covers basic operation and maintenance of logging equipment.  Work on the logging operating site begins after six to eight weeks of equipment safety training.  Classroom training continues studying the forest environment and forestry throughout the school year.  Initial training on the Cut to Length Harvester and Forwarder Simulators starts at the beginning of the year.  FFA activities are carried out as part of the curriculum throughout the year.


Forestry/Wood Harvesting II


The second year of the program is designed to allow students to further apply skills and knowledge gained during the first year as well as cover new topics.  There is a greater emphasis on operating the various types of equipment and greater focus on background knowledge for harvest operations.  Training on the Cut to Length Harvester and Forwarder Simulators is continued throughout the year.  Other potential topics to be covered include small engine repair training and GPS use and mapping.  Successful students will qualify for Certified Logging Professional apprenticeship.  They will also receive high-level training in the Game of Logging and continue participation in FFA activities.


Forestry/Wood Harvesting III


This is an independent study orientated program based on the student's plans for post secondary education or training. This class will be designed to help students prepare themselves for their first year in any type of training they may get into after high school. Pre-requisites are: successful completion of Forestry II with a grade of A- or better, no unexcused absences and no more than 4 excused absences both in the previous school year. Approval is also required by the instructor.

Forestry Advisory Board members:


Wayne Buck, Nat Mason, Adrien Morin, Mark Rabon, Merle Ring-Forester, Rex Rolfe-Rolfe Corp., Peter Roy-Lucas Tree, and James Pike-Logging Contractor.

Instructor: Al Schaeffer

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Instructional Asst: Brian Bean

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Fax: (207) 743-0667

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