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Business Studies

Business Studies at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School is a technically oriented program structured under the guidelines set forth by the Maine State Department of Education. It is organized in two sequences - (1) Business Accounting and Finance sequence and  (2) Business Administration and Management sequence.  To obtain the maximum benefit from any of these programs, students should plan their courses early in their high school years.


Accounting I


This course is designed to take the students through the accounting cycle of a sole proprietorship and partnership and includes payroll accounting using the Quickbooks program. Reinforcement activities and simulations provide practical experiences. Students should be able to keep a simple set of books upon completion of this course.


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Accounting II


This course is a continuation of work completed in Accounting I. The focus will be Uncollectible Accounts, Plant Assets, Notes, Inventory Control, Financial Analysis, Corporate Accounting, Cost Accounting, reinforcement activities, and simulations using the Quickbooks program. Automation of previously learned principles may also be included.


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Accounting III


This course is designed for seniors who wish to explore the accounting field beyond what is offered in Advanced Accounting. Areas of study include corporate analysis, accounting for a manufacturing business, Automated Accounting, automated and manual simulations


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Business Management


This course is designed to focus on how businesses use information in their decision-making process. The course includes the use of basic computer tools:   word processing and spreadsheet management. Participation in a simulation  provides experience in decision making associated with managing a business and preparing necessary reports and correspondence.  Through the operation of this simulation, students experience becoming a team player with their peers in the class. 


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Computer Applications Lab


This course follows successful completion of 0829 Intro to Computer Applications. This course is designed to train the student in one of the core Microsoft Office 2010 applications (Word, Excel, Access, or PowerPoint) through instruction and hands-on assignments. This class will be taught in alignment with the objectives of the MOS Certification (Microsoft Office Specialist) in the application each student is studying.

Prerequisite: 0829 Introduction of Computer Applications



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Introduction to Computer Applications


This college level business course is a Dual Enrollment course in conjunction with Central Maine Community College. It is designed to acquaint students to the Microsoft Office Suite. This is an introductory course for each of the MS applications-Word (word processing), Excel (spreadsheets), Access (databases), PowerPoint (presentations), Outlook (desktop information management) and Publisher (desktop publishing). The course is a hands-on course with instruction from the teacher and related assignments to reinforce the material presented. The students will be using PCs with a Windows-based operating system. This course is a prerequisite for 0818 Computer Applications Lab.


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Personal Business Skills


This course is designed to prepare the student for everyday business practices. It gives the student practical experience in personal money management; i.e. planning monthly budgets, completing banking transactions, paying bills, reconciling bank statements, maintaining credit cards, etc. The course also will explore the world of work, personal skills necessary for job success, career options (which includes creating resumes and cover letters, and interviewing process).


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Sports Management


Today the need for sport management professionals is increasing in areas of business, marketing, sales and managing.  This semester-long course will examine the expanding field of Sport Management.  Areas of emphasis include exploring job specific skills pertaining to sport marketing and sales, facility management, event planning, sport agents and recruiting services, intercollegiate athletics, professional sports, and public relations.


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Understanding Business


This college level business course is a Dual Enrollment course in conjunction with Central Maine Community College. The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the nature and structure of business in the United States. The scope of the course will include an overview of the functional areas as well as the terms and concepts used in the modern organization. Topics covered include The US Economy, Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics, Managing the Business Enterprise, Human Resources, Marketing, Information Systems, and Banking & Finance.


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Business Advisory Board members:


Margaret Mason, Susan Graves-Oxford Federal Credit Union, Tammy Wright, Kathy Bracken-OHCHS, Nancy Tyrrell, Maureen Howard- Oxford Hills Community Education Exchange, Debra Ladner-Hillside Cottages, Catriena Robertson- Norway Savings Bank,  Buffy Nason, and Jeanie Stone. 

Instructor: Cheryl Lord

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