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*We develop leaders, who develop people, who develop business*

The Business Studies program offers pathways in Business Administration and Management, and Business Office Professional.  Business Studies courses may also be taken in conjunction with other technical programs. Business studies also offers one credit and ½ credit courses to fit student needs.

Accounting 1

Accounting 1 provides an overview of basic accounting principles, including skills needed for setup and maintenance of a sole proprietorship or partnership. Financial statements, payroll and bank reconciliations are some of the topics discussed. This class will be helpful to students thinking of starting their own business.

Accounting 2

Accounting 2 builds on skills acquired in Accounting 1. Students will learn about uncollectible accounts, plant assets, notes, inventory control, financial analysis, corporate accounting, and cost accounting. Through additional reinforcement activities, simulations, and Automated Accounting and QuickBooks exercises, students will experience updated accounting practices in today’s business world.  Students interested in pursuing business in college should consider taking this course.

Business Office Professional

Through the Business Office Professional course, students will earn college credit through CMCC’s Intro to Computer Applications.  The course is designed for students who are interested in working in a business office setting.  Students will learn how businesses are organized and how they function.  They will learn how to use different computer applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Publisher. Students will also learn about money management with a focus on how to manage their personal finances by learning to plan monthly budgets, completing banking transactions, paying bills, reconciling bank statements, and establishing credit.

Business Management

Earn college credit through CMCC’s Understanding Business by taking Business Management.  This course is designed for students who want to go into business for themselves or others.  Students will learn about how businesses are structured and how decisions are made.  Much of the instruction will be on how businesses use information in their decision-making process. Students will learn how to use different applications in the Microsoft Office suite with a particular emphasis on Excel.  Other topics will include the US economy, entrepreneurship, business ethics, managing the business enterprise, human resources, marketing, information systems, sports management, and banking and finance.


Personal Finance

In this semester course, students will prepare themselves for whatever life and career they choose. Students will learn how to manage their personal finances by learning to plan monthly budgets, completing banking transactions, paying bills, reconciling bank statements, establishing credit, etc. They will explore the personal skills necessary for job success, career options, and responsible citizenship.

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Business Advisory Board members:


  • Margaret Mason

  • Susan Graves-Oxford Federal Credit Union

  • Tammy Wright

  • Kathy Bracken-OHCHS

  • Nancy Tyrrell

  • Maureen Howard- Oxford Hills Community Education Exchange

  • Debra Ladner-Hillside Cottages

  • Catriena Robertson- Norway Savings Bank

  • Buffy Nason

  • Jeanie Stone. 

Instructor: Cheryl Lord

Phone: (207) 743-7756 ext. 6501
Fax: (207) 743-0667

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