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*Honor - Pride - Respect - Integrity - Devotion to Duty*


Law Enforcement is a program designed to prepare students for a career in the criminal justice field.  Students will develop a positive attitude to work and cooperate with a community of chosen service, whether it be local, state, or federal law enforcement groups as well as the correctional and judicial systems.


During each year of the program, students will participate in leadership training and role modeling.  Hands on police efforts and training will be incorporated in the learning with the opportunities to engage with active law enforcement instructors and scenarios.  Law enforcement features include but not limited to the following:


History and principles of law enforcement

Police organization structure and operating procedure

Court system

Criminal justice system

Constitutional law

Maine criminal law

Juvenile law

Admissions and confessions

Search and seizure rules

Interviewing techniques and skills

Investigative techniques

Case preparation

Crime scene processing

DNA and fingerprinting

Domestic violence/ abuse

    Law Enforcement 1 

  Grade 10-12 (3 credits)

The first year of this program provides students with an introduction to Criminal Justice . Students will be exposed to the role of law enforcement personnel in the criminal justice and the court system. Students will learn about other criminal justice related fields. Students will also gain experience in verbal and written communication and physical training. This program is designed for anyone interested in any field in the Criminal Justice system and will provide a basic understanding and appreciation for the system.  The curriculum is designed to coincide the 100 hour Pre-Service course offered to law enforcement personnel by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.   Students earn 3 college credits from CMCC’s CRJ 101-Intro to Criminal Justice in this course.


 Law Enforcement 2  

Grade  11-12 (3 credits)

Second-year students will focus on an introduction to Forensics, learning about crime scene investigation. Written and verbal communication is continued along with public speaking. The program is designed to prepare students to explore careers in criminal justice and related professions and to provide a base knowledge for those continuing on in post-secondary education or the military. Students will earn 3 college credits from CMCC’s new Intro to Forensics course.

Law Enforcement 3

  Grade 12 (3 credits)

Third-year students will focus on field experiences and leadership. There will be an emphasis on mentoring and rich opportunities for job shadowing experiences. Students earn 3 college credits from CMCC in this course in Leadership.

Articulation Agreement 

The law enforcement program has articulated its curriculum with post secondary schools.  Students may obtain college credit for the learning opportunities offered at the technical school. As part of the agreements, students have to be enrolled for a semester and prove they have met the requirements of the agreements.  The law enforcement program has developed its articulation agreement with Central Maine Community College.

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Law Enforcement Advisory Board members:

  • Matt Tifft - Central Maine Community College

  • Brady Trenoweth - Student

  • Sgt. Dan Hansen - Maine State Police

  • Det. Adam Fillebrown - Maine State Police

  • SRO Steve Cronce - Oxford Police (OHMS-South)

  • SRO Michelle Legare - Paris PD (OHMS-North)

  • Robert Hand - P.A.C.E., Former parent

  • Percy Turner - BJSHS SRO

  • K-9 Officer John Lewis - Norway PD


Instructor: Roland Godbout

Phone: (207) 743-7756 ext. 9516
Fax: (207) 743-0667

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