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Who may attend an OHTS program?


Priority for Region #11 Technical programs will be sophomores, juniors, and seniors attending Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School and Buckfield High School. However, any student in the state of Maine who is a sophomore and has earned 5 credits may attend an OHTS program if accepted. Transportation will not be provided for home schooled students or those living outside of RSU #10 and RSU #17.

How much room do I need in my schedule?


Most OHTS programs are 3 periods long, but there are a few that offer 1 or 2 period options.  If you are interested in taking a program, the best option is to speak with your guidance counselor or the program instructor to see if there is enough room in your schedule. You may also contact Ms. McClean at

When should I apply for an OHTS program?


Recruitment for the following school year begins in January each year and continues through March.  In order to be guaranteed an interview, applications must be received by the deadline, which is normally during the last Friday in February.  Applications may still be filled out after that date, but if programs are full, applicants may be put on a waiting list. If you complete an application after the the due date, you will want to send the program instructor an email telling them that you are interested in the program and have completed the application.

What do instructors look at when selecting applicants?


Instructors look at three areas when selecting students for their programs: grades, attendance, and interview scores. Students are given a numerical score which is arrived at by combining the scores in those three areas: grades (25%), attendance (25%), interview (50%). Instructors want to see how interested you are in their program and, like employers, they will want to know that you are dependable and will show up for class.

What should I expect during the interview?


The interview is the tool that instructors use to get to know each student better. It is designed to determine each applicant's interests, future plans, and level of commitment. Expect to answer questions about your strengths and weaknesses, prior experiences, future plans/goals, and your reason for wanting to take the program. It is also a chance for students to ask instructors questions about the program. Hint: Asking questions often helps show that a student is truly interested in a program.

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