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Students will participate in an in-depth study of Early Childhood Education (ECE). They will have hands on experiences working in our own Preschool Lab and later on at various ECE Centers and schools throughout the community.

ECE students will study learning environments, health and safety, child growth and development, guidance and discipline, as well as child development theorists. Students will also learn about various rewarding career opportunities related to the field of Early Childhood Education. Second and Third year students will have the opportunity to earn dual enrollment credits through Thomas College.

First Year

  1. Hands on experience in on site ECE Pre-School Lab

  2. Growth and Development of 3-5 year olds

  3. Health and Safety issues in an ECE setting (CPR & First Aid training)

  4. Nutrition, meal planning, and preparation

  5. Routines, Discipline & Guidance

  6. Learning environments and experiences for children

  7. Lesson planning & implementation of age appropriate activities

  8. Early Childhood Programs and career opportunities


Second Year

  1. Internships at various ECE programs in the community

  2. Professional Preparation

  3. Infant & Toddler Care

  4. Theories of Learning

  5. Learning Environments

  6. Guidance and Assessment

  7. Literacy

  8. Dual Enrollment opportunity with Thomas College


Early Childhood Education I


The first year of study will include being a staff member in the on-site preschool lab for children ages 3-5 years old. ECE 1 students work in direct care of children in the preschool for about 160 hours during the school year. Emphasis in this course is on child development for young children. This preschool experience will tie directly to the text where child development, guidance, disciplines, the learning environment, and classroom routines will be studied. Students will also learn about good health and nutrition practices with young children and be certified in Infant/Child/ Adult CPR, First Aid, and Safety. Students will practice lesson plan writing and using assessment tools for young children. Another important part of this program is related to the setting up of the environment and understanding the impact that it has on creating a quality preschool program. Finally, ECE 1 students will also learn about the jobs associated with this field and the types of programs that are available in our community.


Early Childhood Education II

The second year of study will give the students experience in a one year internship in the community. Students can choose from infant and toddler classrooms, child care centers, elementary schools, private schools, Head Start, and Special Education programs. ECE 2 students work with children two days a week, averaging about 180 hours during the school year.  Throughout the year, students will work on creating a portfolio to demonstrate their competency in all the ECE standards:  assessment, communication, classroom management, curriculum development, appropriate practice, health and safety, learning theories, and professionalism. ECE 2 students will be studying Professions in Early Childhood (ED 110) and will have the opportunity to earn 3 college credits through Thomas College.


Early Childhood Education III


The third year of study will give the students experience as an Assistant Manager in the on-site preschool and they may have an opportunity to intern in the community by shadowing other directors. Students will establish rapport with families and community members. This experience will allow the student to work on record keeping and program management skills. Students will re-certify in Infant/Child/Adult CPR, and First Aid. Being an assistant includes: greeting parents and children each day, participating in a parent/teacher conferences, curriculum planning and implementation using Understanding by Design and Creative Curriculum, planning special holidays and celebrations, ordering and purchasing supplies, serving as a supervisor in the preschool, guiding first year staff, and learning about licensing regulations and NAEYC accreditation standards. ECE 3 students will be studying Curriculum and Environments for Young Children (ECE 113) and will have the opportunity to earn 3 college credits through Central Maine Community College.


ECE Advisory Board members:


  • Ashley Herrick

  • Jen Rudman

  • Lori Plummer

  • Eileen Steck

  • Krystall Rudman

  • Katie Duval

  • Emily Berry

  • Sue Manchester

Instructor: Debbie LaFrance

Phone: (207) 743-7756 ext. 4115
Fax: (207) 743-0667

Instructor: Andrea Hart

Phone: (207) 743-7756 ext. 4115
Fax: (207) 743-0667