Plumbing Technology

The plumbing technology program provides each student with readiness, knowledge, and skills needed for an entry level trainee job in the plumbing industry. the development of the plumbing industry and career opportunities, construction site safety, tool use, related math, basic blueprint reading, materials and joining methods, fixtures and faucets, drain and vent systems, and water distribution systems are all explored. Students work in the shop and at live sites constructing various related projects.  

Upon completion of the Plumbing Technology program, the graduate is prepared to:

  • Conduct safe work practices.

  • Operate and maintain tools.

  • Analyze and troubleshoot equipment.

  • Build, maintain, and repair plumbing systems compliant with Maine State plumbing code.

  • Demonstrate hands-on skills needed to perform basic plumbing operations.

  • Be eligible to take the Journeyman in Training, Maine State Plumbing exam.

  • Qualify for entry level employment in plumbing industry.

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