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The plumbing technology program provides each student with readiness, knowledge, and skills needed for an entry level trainee job in the plumbing industry. the development of the plumbing industry and career opportunities, construction site safety, tool use, related math, basic blueprint reading, materials and joining methods, fixtures and faucets, drain and vent systems, and water distribution systems are all explored. Students work in the shop and at live sites constructing various related projects.  

Upon completion of the Plumbing Technology program, the graduate is prepared to:

  • Conduct safe work practices.

  • Operate and maintain tools.

  • Analyze and troubleshoot equipment.

  • Build, maintain, and repair plumbing systems compliant with Maine State plumbing code.

  • Demonstrate hands-on skills needed to perform basic plumbing operations.

  • Be eligible to take the Journeyman in Training, Maine State Plumbing exam.

  • Qualify for entry level employment in plumbing industry.

Introduction to Plumbing Technology

Introduction to Plumbing Technology will give the student an opportunity to explore the plumbing construction industry.  The class is designed to develop basic knowledge and incorporate hands-on experiences which give the student transferable skills to continue in the plumbing program and/or move on to related career pathways.  Students learn about construction safety, safe operation of tools, various materials used to build waste and water systems, installation and operation of fixtures.  Students will learn about career opportunities in the plumbing profession.

Plumbing Technology 1

Plumbing 1 introduces the student to a variety of trade skills essential for an entry level job, and to the many career options available in the plumbing profession.  Construction site safety, tool use, related math, basic schematic diagrams, various materials and joining methods, plumbing fixtures and faucets, basic Drain, Waste & Vent systems (DWV), and basic water distribution systems are all introduced to the plumbing student.  Students will develop basic knowledge and skills by constructing and installing a variety of shop projects in accordance with the Maine State Plumbing Code.

Plumbing Technology 2

Plumbing 2 continues to develop the student’s plumbing knowledge and skill level.  Students continue to strengthen related math skills, are introduced to commercial drawings and materials lists, draw basic isometric diagrams, cutting, boring and fire-stopping, install pipe hangers and supports, install and test DWV systems, review types of valves, install and test water supply systems, and install and service fixtures and faucets.  Students are introduced to water heater and hot water boiler installation.  Career pathways related to the plumbing industry are further explored.

Plumbing Technology 3

Plumbing 3 continues to further develop the student’s plumbing knowledge and skill level essential for an entry level plumbing related job.  Students advance their knowledge and skill with applied math, sizing water supply piping, potable water treatment, backflow preventers, sizing DWV and storm systems, types of venting, sewage pumps & sump pumps, and corrosive-resistant waste piping.  Students who complete Plumbing 3 may be eligible to apply to take the Journeyman in Training test administered by the Maine Plumbers’ Examining Board.


Advisory Members

Harley Johnson - Master Plumber/Business Owner

Ed Smith - Master Plumber/Business Owner

Mike Field - Master Plumber/Business Owner

Sam Cronin - Master Plumber/Business Owner

Connor Cram - Student/Plumber Trainee

Jaskson Crane - Master Plumber/Program Alumni

Instructor: Tom Cassidy
(207)743-7756 ext. 2211
Fax: (207) 743-0667
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