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"Design is thinking made visual" Saul Bass

Intro to Graphic Design

Do you like to draw, doodle, and take great pictures? Do you want to work with the latest and greatest equipment pros use in the field? Do you have a million ideas in your head you want to see come to life? Then check out Intro to Graphic Design. Here, you'll learn a little bit about everything design related in one short semester and walk away from the class with a swag bag full of your own creations. Get your creative juices flowing! Work in a state of the art professional studio environment using the latest equipment, and have access to a professional photo studio to get your best shots. Come show off your creative skills in our Fab Lab and open the door to a new career possibility.

Graphic Design I


Students will design and produce pieces that inform, influence, and inspire, to visually communicate the proper messages to their audience in a meaningful way. They will work across a variety of media combining creativity and technology. Using the Adobe Creative Suite, digital photography, and traditional image making tools, students learn to find their own personal voice as a designer and artist. The focus for GD1 will be on learning the principles and elements of design, typography, photography and digital imaging through the making of T-shirts, magazines, gif and stop frame animations, identity (logo) design, brochures, advertising campaigns, greeting cards, movie posters, book covers, packaging, signage, infographics, wayfinding systems and photobooks. Students participate in design and photography competitions to hone their skills and simulate a working design studio. Qualifying students can test to become nationally recognized as Adobe Certified Associates in Graphic Design and Illustration using Adobe Illustrator.


Graphic Design II


In this course, students move their design skills from the printed page to new media formats which include web design, motion graphics, animation, digital imaging, and interactive book design. Students design and build a printed book along with a digital and online portfolio showcasing their best work for future employment or acceptance into art school.  Additionally, they will create a branded digital presence on the web and hone their design skills by creating real world projects for the outside community. Students will have the opportunity to publish their work locally and nationally for recognition, compensation, and scholarships.  Visits to several design studios offer students direct contact with experts in the field to help them better understand why being a designer in the 21st century offers great financial rewards. Qualifying students prepare and test for national certification as an Adobe Certified Associate in either Visual Communications with Photoshop or Print & Digital Media Publication using Adobe InDesign. Students who have taken both GD1 and GD2 are often able to skip foundation courses in college and/or work as aides to their professors.  Students earn college credit from Southern Maine Community College in this course.

Graphic Design III

Students who have successfully completed GD 1 and 2 have the opportunity to explore individual projects and interests, including live work.  Students are concurrently enrolled in an SMCC 3 credit college course.

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Graphic Design Advisory Board members:


  • Emily Carter Delameter

  • ZiZi Vlaun

  • Scott Vlaun

  • Dianne Arcadipone

  • Scott Berk

  • Morgan Richardson

  • Carly Sauro

  • Lana Wheeler

  • Hannah Lyon

  • Shennah Derstine

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Instructor: Virginia Valdes

Phone: (207) 743-7756 ext. 3106
Fax: (207) 743-0667

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