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Marketing Management
*It's all business*


Enter the fast track world of marketing, entrepreneurship, and retail management. Does running a real business interest you? Be part of a team that oversees promotions, security, purchasing, merchandising, human resources, finance, and management in our school store, Valhalla. Learn how to develop and manage a catalog or web site. 

Interested in travel?  Marketing students have traveled to Colorado, Florida, Utah, Washington DC, California and many more for competition, career development, and leadership training.


Academics?  You bet!  We write marketing plans, essays, develop personal portfolios, do math applications, and follow an excellent national curriculum called Marketing Essentials.  At the end of the second year, students take a customer service certification test given by the National Retail Federation.  This gives them an excellent advantage when looking for retail employment. 


Looking to experience some independence and try an adult role?  Our third year students are encouraged to follow their own personal interests through mentorships, job shadowing, volunteering, and school-based enterprise.

One more thing...We oversee one of the largest and most successful craft fairs in western Maine!


Introduction to Marketing

In this semester pass/fail course, students will have the opportunity to explore marketing concepts and discover some of the basic principles of owning and operating a business through the school store.

Marketing & Retail Management I


Students will learn about money, sales, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Students explore the seven functions of marketing by partnering with local businesses to create a marketing plan, operating the school store, perfecting customer service skills, and implementing a social media campaign. All students are members of the DECA club and compete at a two-day state conference. Those who qualify at the state conference may compete at the six-day international conference in the spring.


Marketing & Retail Management II


This is a continuation of the Marketing Retail Management 1 program. Second year students take a more independent approach to learning. They engage in problem based learning by creating several products and justifying why each will sell and how they will market it. Students also keep up to date with current trends and take a deeper look into a product of their choice. Students can take advantage of the articulation agreement with Central Maine Community College and apply for credit. At the end of the second year, students are able to take the nationally recognized retail examination offered by the National Retail Federation. Certification by NRF makes students more employable and gives them an edge in today’s competitive employment market. Students also have the opportunity to attend leadership conferences, college tours, and local businesses. As members of the DECA club, students may again compete at the state and national levels.


Marketing & Retail Management III


Third year students extend their leadership role in the program by undertaking projects that require more independent, professional, and business skills. Students will chair the DECA craft fair and either complete an internship or a business plan. Students may compete in state and national DECA competitions. Acceptance in the third year program is based on available space and permission by the instructor.


Please visit our DECA Holiday Craft Fair website:


Marketing Advisory Board Members: 


  • Katie LeTourneau- Norway Savings Bank

  • Gene Benner- Bessey Motors

  • Tsela Shraiberg- student

  • Brendan Schauffler- Healthy Oxford Hills

  • Cameron LeTourneau- alumni

  • Kelcey Robichaud- alumni

  • Robert Radley-Westbrook High School Marketing Instructor

  • Wendy Newmeyer-Maine Balsam Fir Products

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Instructor: Kristy Dillingham

Phone: (207) 743-7756 ext. 5100
Fax: (207) 743-0667

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Instructional Asst: Heather Swain

Phone: (207) 743-7756 ext. 5100
Fax: (207) 743-0667

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