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Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation Management


Students in the Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation Management program focus on "Selling the Maine Experience."

Through daily assignments, field trips, DECA participation, projects, labs and tests, students will gain the ability to link the principles of strategic business managment that are learned to the real services of daily operations.


Participants will explore career opportuinities and trends in the six areas of HTRM:  Culinary, food service, lodging, local commercial recreation, travel industry, gaming and event coordination.

This course is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors. 


Major course projects may include :

Onsite and offsite labs and projects may include:


Quarter One

  • Foodservice Labs

  • Offsite Wedding Reception

  • Bog BrookTraining Facility - 4-day Commercial Food Services

  • SYSCO Foodservice Trip


Quarter Two

  • Annual DECA Holiday Craft Fair

  • Parent / Teacher / Student Conferences and OHTS Skills Challenge

  • Lodging Labs

  • Sunday River – Jordan Grand Hotel

  • Local Inn / B&B


Quarter Three

  • Annual Governor's Conference on Tourism – Samoset Resort

  • DECA State Competition

  • Tourism Lab

  • Oxford Plains Speedway – Active Learning Project

  • Oxford Hills Chamber of Commerce

  • Oxford Casino


Quarter Four

  • Local Commercial Recreation Management Labs

  • Ski Maine

  • Registered Maine Guide

  • Allagash Wilderness Waterway/Alcohol Awareness Event



Outdoor Recreation Adventure Planning  (1 Credit/1 Period)

For this introductory course, we are seeking students who are curious about the natural world.  Students will have the opportunity to plan events in our own local back-country.


Participants will develop skills in leadership, group dynamics, communication, risk management, and wilderness safety through hands-on field experiences.  Students will learn by doing:

  • Essentials of group food planning and packing

  • Necessities to function inhte outdoors

  • Guest Service Model in team-building

  • Problem solving and cooperative games 


HTRM 1 (2 Credits/2 Periods)

  • Have you ever considered a career selling the Maine experience?

  • Can you see yourself running a fabulous restaurant or catering summer weddings?

  • Ever imagine managing a quaint bed & breakfast? Living and raising your family within your business?

  • Is a historic sporting camp or guiding Allagash canoe trips more your dream?

  • Do you love the energy of the new casino?

  • Want to make a career out of skiing?

  • Would you be happy providing race fans a memorable night at the speedway?


In the Western Foothills of Maine, we live in a beautiful place. We have natural resources unique to our area. These resources provide career opportunities in the fields of hospitality, tourism and recreation management. Students who participate in this course will “ Sell the Maine Experience ” in culinary, lodging, tourism, local commercial recreation, travel industry, gaming and event coordination. Students will explore career opportunities and trends in the industries related to hospitality, tourism and recreation management. Classroom work will focus on guest services through all phases of the guest cycle. Leadership skills will be enhanced through the required DECA membership activities, through active learning and exploration on field trips and in community projects.



HTRM 2 (3 Credits/3 Periods)

Students who participate in this course will continue to enhance their ability to "Sell the Maine Experience" in culinary, lodging, tourism, local commercial recreation, travel industry, gaming and event coordination.


In Year 2, Students will:

  • Outline the steps to starting a business and prepare a formal business plan.

  • In all six areas of HTRM (culinary, lodging, local commercial recreation, travel industry, gaming and event coordination), students will highlight the principles of business strategy and legal foundations, marketing and public relations, operations and client services, finance, human resource practices, and ethical decision making.

  • Participate in all required DECA membership activities.

  • Measure their skills against the national standard set by the American Hotel and Lodging Association.

HTRM Advisory Board members:


Roberta Metivier-Stephens Memorial Hospital, Robert Mershimer-Wal-Mart, Joe Cummings-OHCHS, Mark Turner, and Helga Thurston-Paris Cape Realty.

Instructor: Andrew Merrill

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