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*Come in as Guests. Leave as Family.*


“Selling the Maine Experience”

In HTRM 1, students learn to provide incredible customer service to their guests. So whether a student wants to be a river rafting guide in the Forks, a hotel manager in Portland, or an owner of a fun and funky restaurant in Norway, she or he will be able to deliver customer satisfaction across the guest cycle. Students will also build essential skills in business strategy and legal foundations, marketing and public relations, operations and client services, finance, human resource practices, and ethical decision making. All HTRM 1 students will become a member of DECA and participate in all membership activities.

Maine Woods Pathway

As a freshman, you can apply for acceptance to the Maine Woods Pathway. This course has three parts to it which are designed to inspire curiosity about the natural world including Freshman Physical Science, the Junior Maine Guide curriculum, & Wilderness First Responder certification training.  Your experience will include a hands on focus, much of which takes place at Robert’s Farm.  You will gain real life skills while earning 2 credits from OHCHS and 3 college credits from the University of Maine in Orono. This course is not weighted.

Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Management 1

We are all lucky to live in a beautiful state. On our license plates, we've termed Maine as Vacationland. This two-year technical program will instruct students to successfully host guests in hospitality, tourism & recreation management positions and to build a career focusing on:


Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Management 2

Students who participate in HTRM 2 will focus on their management skills. All HTRM 2 students are required to participate in DECA membership activities. This program allows students to earn certification in Hospitality and Tourism Management from the American Hotel and Lodging Association.


Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Management 3

Third year students extend their leadership role in the program by undertaking on-the-job training or school projects that require more independent, professional, and business skills. Students may be chosen to chair the DECA craft fair, they may complete an internship or choose to write a professional business plan. Students will compete in state and national DECA competitions. Acceptance in the third year program is based on academic eligibility, available space and permission by the instructor.


HTRM Advisory Board members:


  • Roberta Metivier-Stephens Memorial Hospital

  •  Robert Mershimer-Wal-Mart

  • Joe Cummings-OHCHS

  • Mark Turner

  • Helga Thurston-Paris Cape Realty

Instructor: Andrew Merrill

Phone: (207) 743-7756 ext. 9508
Fax: (207) 743-0667

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